Weed Research and Information Center

Useful links

Agricultural chemical resources

Crop Data Management Systems :: CDMS :: website for MSDS's and chemical labels
Greenbook :: website for MSDS's and chemical labels for many chemical companies

Government :: FEDERAL

ANS Task Force :: Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force
BLM :: Bureau of Land Management :: U.S. Dept. of Interior :: weeds and invasives
ETOXNET :: Extension Toxicology Network
FICMNEW :: Federal Interagency Committee for the Management of Noxious and Exotic Weeds
NAPIS Pest Tracker:: National Agricultural Pest Information System
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service :: invasive species
USDA :: California state-listed noxious weeds
USDA :: Invasive Species and Pollinator Health
USDA :: Noxious Weeds Program

Government :: CALIFORNIA

CDFA :: California Department of Food and Agriculture
CDFA :: California Department of Food and Agriculture :: Encycloweedia :: noxious weeds
DPR :: California Department of Pesticide Regulation
DPR :: California Department of Pesticide Regulation :: continuing education

Government :: Other states

Arizona Dept. of Agriculture :: noxious weeds
Idaho OnePlan :: Pest Management Planner
Idaho State Dept. of Agriculture :: noxious weeds
Kansas Dept. of Agriculture :: noxious weed control program
Maryland Dept. of Agriculture :: weed control program
Michigan Dept. of Agriculture :: prohibited and restricted weeds
Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture :: noxious and invasive weed program
Montana Dept. of Agriculture :: noxious weeds
Nevada Dept. of Agriculture :: noxious weeds
New Mexico Dept. of Agriculture :: noxious weed information
North Dakota Dept. of Agriculture :: noxious weeds
Oregon Dept. of Agriculture :: noxious weed control
Utah Dept. of Agriculture and Food :: noxious weed control resources
Washington State :: Noxious Weed Control Board


Australia :: University of Queensland :: Tropical and Subtropical Weeds Research Unit
Australia :: Weeds Australia:: an Australian Weeds Committee National Initiative
Australia :: The Weed's News :: weed research and weed control and prevention information
Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System
Government of Saskatchewan :: weeds
Government of Saskatchewan :: urban guide to weed control


Aquatic Plant Management Society :: APMS
Aquatic Plant Management Society blog :: APMS blog
California Invasive Plant Council :: Cal-IPC
California Weed Science Society :: CWSS
Canadian Weed Science Society :: CWSS-SCM
Center for Invasive Species Management :: CISM
Colorado Weed Management Association :: CWMA
European Weed Research Society :: EWRS
International Weed Science Society :: IWSS
Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Society :: MAPMS
North American Invasive Species Management Association :: NAISMA
North Central Weed Science Society :: NCWSS
Northeastern Weed Science Society :: NEWSS
Southern Weed Science Society :: SWSS
Weeds Gone Wild :: Alien Plant Invaders of Natural Areas
Weed Science Society of America :: WSSA
Western Aquatic Plant Management Society :: WAPMS
Western Society of Weed Science :: WSWS

University of California

UC ANR :: Agriculture and Natural Resources
UC ANR :: Cooperative Extension county offices (UCCE)
UC Davis :: Center for Plant Diversity (formerly known as the Herbarium)
UC Davis :: Dept. of Plant Sciences
UC IPM :: Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program
UC IPM :: Pest Notes :: weeds
UC Research and Information Centers (RICs)
UC Riverside :: Dept. of Botany & Plant Sciences
UC Weed Science blog

Other universities

California State University, Fresno :: weed science
Clemson University :: Coastal Research and Education Center Vegetable Weed Lab
Colorado State University :: weed research lab
Cornell University :: horticulture
Cornell University :: soil and crop sciences :: weed management
Indiana :: Purdue University :: weed science
Iowa State University:: integrated crop management :: weeds
Kansas State University :: agronomy :: weed management
Kansas State University :: research and extension :: weed science
Louisiana State University :: weed science
New Mexico State University :: weed science
North Carolina State University :: weed science program
North Dakota State University :: weed science
Oklahoma State University :: weed science
Oregon State University :: crop and soil science :: weed science
Oregon State University :: horticulture :: weed science
Penn State University :: College of Agricultural Sciences
Rutgers University :: New Jersey :: weed gallery
Southern Illinois University :: weed science
Texas A&M :: soil & crop sciences :: weed science
University of Florida :: Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences ::Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants
University of Georgia :: weed science
University of Idaho :: plant sciences
University of Idaho Extension :: Elmore county :: weed control
University of Idaho Extension :: Power county :: weeds
University of Illinois :: weed science
University of Massachusetts-Amherst :: landscape, nursery & urban forestry program :: weed herbarium
University of Massachusetts-Amherst :: turf program :: weed fact sheets
University of Massachusetts-Amherst :: vegetable program :: weeds
University of Missouri :: weed ID guide
University of Missouri :: weed science
University of Missouri :: weed science :: Delta Research Center
University of Nebraska-Lincoln :: agronomy and horticulture
University of Wyoming :: barnyards & backyards :: weed identification
University of Wyoming :: weed identification
Virginia Tech :: weed identification guide
Washington State University :: Hortsense


Jepson Online Interchange :: California Floristics
The Plant List :: a working list of all plant species