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We have a weed science BLOG!!

The plan is to post an entry to the blog every Monday. Additional entries are welcome and can be posted at any time--the more entries, the better the blog.

All UC Weed Workgroup members are encouraged to participate. If you would like to be added to the schedule below, please e-mail Gale Perez.

For instructions to post a blog entry, click here. If you have trouble with your blog entry, contact Brad Hanson or Gale Perez. We really value your participation in this Weed Workroup effort.

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  Contributor   Post blog on   Contributor   Post blog on   Contributor
6-Jan-2020   Bean 1-Jun-2020   Bean 19-Oct-2020   Perez
13-Jan-2020   Brim-DeForest 8-Jun-2020   Brim-DeForest 26-Oct-2020   Brim-DeForest
20-Jan-2020   Wilen* 15-Jun-2020   Daugovish*
27-Jan-2020   Fennimore 22-Jun-2020   Fennimore 2-Nov-2020   Fennimore
3-Feb-2020   Getts 29-Jun-2020   Getts 9-Nov-2020   Getts
10-Feb-2020   Hanson 6-Jul-2020   Hanson 16-Nov-2020   Hanson
17-Feb-2020   Jasieniuk 13-Jul-2020   Jasieniuk 23-Nov-2020   Jasieniuk
24-Feb-2020   Kyser 20-Jul-2020   Kyser 30-Nov-2020   Kyser
2-Mar-2020   Light*
9-Mar-2020   McDonald 27-Jul-2020   McDonald 7-Dec-2020   McDonald
16-Mar-2020 Mesgaran 3-Aug-2020   Mesgaran 14-Dec-2020   Mesgaran
23-Mar-2020   Ohadi* 10-Aug-2020   Osipitan*
30-Mar-2020 Oneto 17-Aug-2020   Oneto 21-Dec-2020   Oneto
6-Apr-2020   Ozeran 24-Aug-2020   Ozeran
13-Apr-2020   Rao 31-Aug-2020   Rao
20-Apr-2020   Reiter 7-Sept-2020   Reiter
27-Apr-2020   Rios 14-Sept-2020   Rios
4-May-2020   Roncoroni* 21-Sept-2020   Wilson*
11-May-2020   Smith 28-Sept-2020   Smith 28-Dec-2020   Smith
18-May-2020   Stoddard 5-Oct-2020   Stoddard
25-May-2020   Vinchesi-Vahl 12-Oct-2020   Vinchesi-Vahl
* 1 time only